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Torronjotto is a creamy giandujotto and nougat with very fine chocolate gianduja. A different and delicious dessert for those who love the nougat and the soft taste of the gianduja, a tested perfect combination!

Individually wrapped from the traditional Italian sweet makers D.Barbero since 1883.



Price x 150g


Ingredients: White Chocolate (Sugar, cocoa butter, whole Milk powder, emulsifier: Soya Lecithin, natural vanilla flavour), Barbero nougat 17% (Piedmont Hazelnuts, honey, sugar, glucose syrup, egg white, wafer: Potato Starch, water, olive oil, natural vanilla from Madagascar, corn starch) Piedmont Hazelnuts paste, Piedmont Hazelnut Powder.


May contain traces of other nuts (almond, pistachios). See allergens in bold


Nutrition information Typical values per 100g


Energy 2356 kJ / 566 kcal


Fat 38 g


 of which saturates 15 g


Carbohydrate 45 g 


 of which sugars 44 g


Protein 8.5 g


Salt 1.12 g 



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