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From El Lobo, one of the most famous and high quality turron makers in Spain, with an IGP from Jijona as a mark of its quality.

Turron is a sweet delicacy, a kind of almond nougat, originally brought to Spain by the Arabs. Hard turron (also called Turron Duro) is the classic crunchy version made using a mixture of whole roasted almonds and honey, bound together with a little egg white and covered with a thin wafer to make a bar.

Price x 150G


Ingredients: Almonds (60%), sugar, glucose syrup, honey (13%), egg white and wafers (potato starch, refined sunflower oil). GLUTEN FREE

Nutritional Value per 100G:

Energy: 2271 KJ/ 544 KCAL

Fat: 33g of which are saturates 2.3g

Carbohydrates: 46g of which are sugars 38g

Fibre: 1.6g

Protein: 15g

Salt: 0.05g

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