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Tradition has it that in the early nineteenth century the pastry maker Giovanni Podio, wisely mixed three unique ingredients - piedmont hazelnuts, sugar and egg white - and gave birth to these singular desserts. Chivasso nocciolini, originally called 'Noasetti', were then brought to the highest level by the confectioner masters E. Nazzaro and L. Bonfante. Luigi Bonfante contributed to making the Nocciolini known throughout Italy, covering them with the pink package that still distinguishes them today.

Very similar to amaretti, but mini and with a more sunbtle sweetness, allowing the true flavour of hazelnuts to shine.

Price x 100g

Ingredients: Sugar, IGP PIEMONTE HAZELNUTS, egg white.

May contain traces of cereals, milk and fruits in the husk. See Allergens in bold.

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