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In Japan, Matcha is considered an integral part of the country, used in the famous tea ceremony, or Chanoyu. This ceremony is an elegantly rigid affair which developed over the centuries as a transformative and meditative practice.

Matcha is perhaps the most refined tea available today. From the unique way it is produced to the important place it holds in the cultural life of Japan, few other teas can compare.

Jasmine scented tea is produced by layering freshly plucked leaves with fragrant jasmine blooms during processing.

When brewed, the powdered leaf is not strained or left in the pot , but whisked into a frothy concoction and drunk. Because the laves themselves are consumed, brewed Matcha contains higher concentrations of vitamins and antioxidants than most other teas, green or herbal, and nearly 10 times the polyphenols of regular teas.

This Matcha produces an infusion with exquiste floral notes with a light green tea. The powder is a light pastel green.

To brew Matcha:

Prepare your tea bowls by warming them with boiled water. -Prepare your Matcha whisk by soaking the tip in the boiled water of one of the bowls for 10 seconds.- Pour the water out and dry the bowls - Using your bamboo scoop, add two scoops of Matcha to each bowl - Pour 1/3 of a cup hot water (not boiling) into each bowl - Whisk the tea in a gentle back and forth motion ensuring all Matcha is submerged. Continue to whisk until surface is frothy. - Consume immediately. In Japan it is customary to consume in three slurps.


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