Yerba Mate is an ancient drink discovered by Guarani Indians of South America. Due to its many beneficial properties the believed it to be magical, " a gift from the Gods". The leaf is from a holly tree native to the subtropical highlands of Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil. The leaves and stems are dried and left for up to a year to develope flavour. Then they go through a grinding process to form Yerba Matewhich is tradtionally brewed with hot water in a gourd and sipped through a bombilla. Yerba Mate is claimed to possess a multitude of health benefits. It is known to sustain energy levels and reduce fatigue simply because of the wealth of its nutrients. It is a natural leaf which contains carotene, vitamins A,C,E,B-1,B Complex, Riboflavin, magnesium, calcium, iron and sodium. It contains only a trace of a caffeine like substance called Mateine. Yerba Mate is frequently compared to green tea, the strength of flavour is upto the brewer but it is tradtionally brewed with a high concentration of herbs to water.
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