Rare and Unusual Coffee

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The famous Blue Mountain is a rich mellow coffee. Only a small quantity is grown each year, most of which is purchased by the Japanese. Price x 250G.
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The famous Civet coffe, the most expensive coffee. The coffee berries are eaten by the cat and passed through its digestive system, the undigested beans are then roasted. Price x 100G
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A new and innovative product for us! The billions of coffee beans that are processed each year to create our lovely coffees are surrounded by a cherry. This fruit is discarded once the coffee bean has been extracted and is often dumped in rivers or left to rot in a huge heaps. So, the company CoffeeFlour® invented something to do with it! Something to benefit all. Read on for the info...... CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE TO US IN THE UK. HOPEFULLY IT WILL BE BACK WITH US SOON!
The perfect way to sample some delicious, rare and very special coffees. We have chosen four special coffees and put them together at a special rate for you to sample... ONLY AVAILABLE ONLINE
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A new coffee! A Thai arabica from Chiang Mai. A light italian roast, it is full flavoured, smooth with a bite. Price x 250G
Premium Blend 100% Vietnamese coffee. Roasted in butter oil with a hint of vanilla. Price x 250G
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A Medium Roast coffee. A unique taste, slighty acidic, full body. Price x 250G