Chocolate Covered Calabrian Figs with walnut, orange & lime peel, covered in dark chocolate. 140g - £7.50 / 300g - £13.50 / 500g £19.00   
Lingotto di Fichi A bar of chopped Dottato figs mixed with walnut, orange peel and rum, covered in chocolate. 200G £8.95

SEGGIANO  Baked Fig Ball Figs baked, then collected, covered and wrapped in fig leaves and baked again- 200G £6.95
Chocolate Cherry Figs Dottato figs stuffed with Amarena cherries covered in 70% dark chocolate.  200G  £10.95 
Chocolate Clementines Whole Calabrian clementines, candied the slow traditional way, then halved and dipped in 70% chocolate. 200G £10.95

DOLCI PENSIERI di CALABRIA  Dark Chocolate covered Orange Peel  150 £7.95  Dark Chocolate covered Lemon Peel. 150G £7.95
Fig Truffles - Cosenza figs blended with rum and covered in dark chocolate and chopped hazelnuts. 150G Box £7.95
Fig Panetto - Dried fig paste spiced with aniseed and cinnamon, wrapped in a fig leaf. Slice and serve with cheese & honey. 200G
FIG BONBONS Freshly harvested figs filled with a rich truffle cream with a touch of brandy coated in dark chocolate. Price x 12 pieces
Mediterranean Wheel - From Spain, pressed figs, dates, prunes, almonds & walnuts with a hint of anise & cinnamon. Slice and serve. 200G £3.95

MARRONS GLACE    CUEVAS 8 Pieces £12.50 “IL” Marrons Glace Broken Pieces 300X Box £11.95

PANETTONE CLASSICO A favourite every year, deliciously moist. Serve in big slices, plain or with nut or chocolate spreads 850G  £6.50 
BONCI PANBRIACONE Made in the Bonci bakery, Tuscany, a traditional Panettone…soaked in Vin Santo & Passito!! Delicious! 450G  £15.95
DOLCIARIA MARTINI Amaretti Del Nonno Soft, sweet Amaretti. Available in tradional almond or lemon. 250G £7.95
D.Barbero Chocolate Grissini Chocolate covered breadsticks. Great fun, dangerously moreish!! 300G £7.95
LAZZARONI AMARETTI - Traditional Amaretti. 200G Box - £5.95  Amarettini Tin - Small amaretti in a beautiful small tin - 125G £5.95
Vintage Old Style Tin - 500G £15.95

Panforte - A traditional Italian dessert. A heavenly mixture of candied fruit, almonds, spices and honey formed into a cake and dusted with icing sugar. Serve in small slices with sweet dessert wine or coffee. 

ANTICHI DOLCI di SIENA  Panforte Margherita  250G £7.95 Panpepato 250G - A spicier ancestor of panforte £7.95

MASONI Chocolate Panforte -  As a traditional Panforte, but very finely minced to allow flavours to integrate perfectly with the very finest cocoa powder added, baked, then coated with extra dark chocolate! 450G   £12.95    Panforte Fichi e Noci - Fig and walnut Panforte 250G £8.95  Apricot & Pear Panforte 450G £12.95

SEGGIANO Fig & Walnut Panforte Slice - A block of dried fig and Italian walnuts brings a new variation to a traditional panforte. Slice and serve with coffee, liqueur or a cheeseboard. 200G £7.95

SCHLUNDER Almond & Marzipan pastries. Bite sized pastries from Germany. 350G £4.99 Traditional Marzipan Stollen 750G £7.50


ROCOCO CHOCOLATES  65g Artisan Bars  £5.50  70% Dark - Basil & Persian Lime, Organic Cardamom, Sea Salt  37% Milk -  Rose  White Chocolate – Organic Cardamom  
ROCOCO CHRISTMAS EDITION  £5.50 – Christmas Pudding - Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh with gold leaf - Gingerbread

Chocolate Cigars With a soft centre and coated in rich double chocolate layer they come with two fillings; Nougatine has fragments of caramelised Piedmont hazelnuts in a cocoa paste, Praline is a hazelnut and dark cocoa truffle. £5.95 each

HOLDSWORTH CHOCOLATES Handcrafted truffles and chocolates made in Derbyshire and presented in beautiful boxes.

The Renaissance Collection Filled with some all-time favourites as dipped fudge, orange cream, hazelnut whirl and dipped toffee. 200G £15.00

The Union Jack Gift Box A lovely box filled with British classics including strawberry cream, caramel cup, champagne truffle and
hazelnut praline. 200G £15.00 Peanut Butter Truffles Crunchy peanut butter blended with soft caramel, sprinkled with a little Cornish sea salt and smothered in fine 33% milk chocolate. 110G £8.00 English Fruit Creams Soft cream centres infused with natural English fruit flavours and covered in the finest milk, dark and white chocolate. Flavours include, Strawberry, Apple & Blackcurrant and Raspberry. Price x 110g £8.00

Rose & Violet Creams Aromatic ganache creams enrobed in the finest 64% dark chocolate and finished with a crystallised petal. Price x 110g £8.00

Mr Stanley’s  Milk Chocolate & Salted Caramel Matches or White Chocolate & Popping Candy Matches 120G £6.99

CAFFAREL - The original gianduiotti. Individually wrapped chocolates, made of cocoa, ground hazelnuts and sugar. Soft, smooth, nutty and sweet. 200G £9.95

CACAO TRUFFLE FACTORY Delicious chocolate truffles made in The Netherlands. Smooth, rich and decadent. Pure & Simple, Amazing Chilli, Delicious Orange or Roasted Coffee. 130G Jar £4.45

FRANCOIS DOUCET These amazing confections are made in France since 1969. Noisettes des Nos Forets Hazelnuts, from the south of France, toasted, then delicately covered in praline and finished with chocolate. 200G Raisins de Nos Vignobles Juicy raisins macerated in cognac then covered in a fine almond paste and then finished with a covering of chocolate. These are sublime. 200G Amandes 3 Chocolats Roasted almonds from south of France, coated with cinnamon flavoured Gianduia and dark, milk or white chocolate. 200G £9.95

MAJANI - FIAT The smooth, creamy, nutty chocolate created 100 years ago for the launch of Fiat’s new Tipo 4, the “Fiat Cremino” is outstanding and has lasted the test of time. Four velvety layers of chocolate, almond and hazelnut.

Fiat Cremino Gift Box 10 cremini. £8.95  Fiat Four - Four Classic cremini in a box £2.95 Fiat Four Mix  Four cremini, Classic, Noir, Extra Noir & Biscotti in a box £2.75

Fiat Dadino - A cube of 18 cremini choose from Classic, Fiat Noir or Fiat Mix. £13.95

Gran Savoia - A block of decadent gianduia chocolate with whole hazelnuts. 100G £5.00

Tortellini - Dark, milk and white chocolate “tortellini” filled with a dark, milk or light cream. £11.95

MON CHERI From Fererro created in 1956, dark chocolate encases liqueur and holds a cherry.  16/165G  £8.95

POCKET COFFEE From Ferrero, bittersweet dark chocolate with an espresso liquid centre. Price x 18 piece box £8.95

MONTEZUMA Peanut Butter Snowballs A milk chocolate and salted peanut butter centre wrapped in a white chocolate shell  150G £5.95
Toffee Snowballs Chocolate snowballs filled with rich, toffee ganache centres and finished with a layer of creamy white chocolate. 150G £5.95
Christmas Truffle Selection Flavours include Christmas Cappuccino, Mandarin Caramel, Stollen Truffles, Vanilla Cream Truffles. 210G £12.95

BACI By Perugina, famous Italian chocolates. Chopped hazelnuts blended with a chocolate truffle ganache, topped with a whole hazelnut and covered in dark chocolate. Each chocolate holds a love note. Baci Bijou Gift Box - 14 pieces Available in Classic, Assorted or NEW 70 % Dark Chocolate. £8.95  Baci Tube 7 Pieces available in Classic or Milk Chocolate £4.25

WILLIE’S WORLD CLASS CACAO - Single bean origin chocolate. Traditionally roasted in Willie’s chocolate factory in England using 100 year old authentic chocolate making machinery. 100% Cocoa Block Venezuelan Rio Caribe or Cuban Barocoan 180G  £6.50 

Willie’s World Class Cacao Bars 85 G £2.99 Only using natural ingredients, cocoa mass, cocoa butter and raw Cuban cane sugar. 
Venezuelan 72% Rio Caribe Superior – with smooth fruity notes, Colombian Santander 88% - Smooth with redcurrant & spice notes.

Sea Flake - 44% Venezuelan Milk Chocolate with Sea Flakes, Hazelnut Raisin - 70% Surabaya, Raspberries & Cream white chocolate, Milk of the Stars - 54% Milk Surabaya 65G  £1.99   PURE GOLD - 100% Sur Del Lago, Venezuelan cocoa. 65G £2.99

APPLE BRANDY PEARLS - 72% Venezuelan cocoa holds a decadent truffle of apple and brandy. 150G £6.95 LIME CHILLI PEARLS 70% Peruvian chocolate holds a delicious lime chilli caramel. 150G Box £6.95

ZOTTER CHOCOLATES - Handmade chocolate from Austria. 70G Bar £3.50 
Amaretto Marzipan, Walnut Marzipan, Gingerbread, Pistachio, Bird’s Eye Chilli, Cherries and Vanilla, Almond and Grappa Raisins, Plum Brandy, Scotch Whisky, Cherry Brandy & Marzipan, Plum Rum & Marzipan, White Nougat Red Nuts and Firewood Brandy!

TABASCO CHOCOLATE Spicy wedges of dark chocolate in an official branded tin. 50G £4.95

QUARANTA Individual slices of Italian Soft Nougat with chocolate or white chocolate and berries £6.95 
Caramelised Almonds in a cone 120G £4.95

SEGGIANO Classic Torrone - Made in Avellino, Campania with free range eggs, honey from Avellino and Italian almonds. 250G £9.50

DOÑA JIMENA - Marzipan Figurines Spanish marzipan made with ground almonds. Delicate sweet flavour 100G £2.95

TURRÓN DE JIJONA - Ground almonds and honey formed into a paste and set. A delicacy originating in 15th Century Spain. 150G 450G

TURRÓN DE GUIRLACHE - Whole Marcona Almonds and honey set in a bar. 150G £5.95

BUTTERMILK FUDGE - Delicious Fudge from Cornwall  Smooth Clotted Cream Fudge or Crumbly Chocolate 150G £4.25
Limited Edition Irish Cream or Mince Pie Fudge 100G £2.75

ANTHON BERG - The finest marzipan with a layer of fruit and liqueur, covered in dark chocolate. Apricot & Brandy or Cherry & Rum 220G £7.95

FIASCONARO - Sicilian Torrone made with almonds, pistachios and hazelnut. Covered in dark chocolate, white chocolate and orange or lemon. Soft and very delicious! 150G
£7.95 D.BARBERO Soft Italian torrone made with piedmont hazelnuts or pistachio. 150G Slice. £7.95

HAZER BABA TURKISH DELIGHTS    Pistachio 350g £6.95   Violet 250G £4.95 Amaretto 250G £4.95
Mixed Turkish Delish - Rose, Lemon, Nuts 454G £8.95   Fig & Walnut 454G £8.95 
Assorted Flavours in Wood Cigar Box  227g - £8.95  Turkish Apple Tea Tin  250g - £4.75

Crystalised Slice Ginger - 100G £4.25  PATUM PEPPERIUM  Gentleman’s Anchovy Relish 71G  £4.25 

SEGGIANO  Sicilian Wild Carrot Honey - Luscious and pungent, from the wheat fields. Woodland Honeydew Honey Dark and thick, aromatic honey made from stick tree and leaf resins at the height of summer. Rich in mineral salts 500G  £9.50 

THE NUT KITCHEN - New to us and the market. These artisan producers make their spread in Sicily at the foot of Mount Etna. Use these on toast, in cakes, in biscuits, on ice-cream, porridge, yogurt…or my favourite, panettone! £5.95 per 220G Jar
Cream of Pistachio - Hand harvested and kiln roasted pistachios from near Mount Etna. Sweet and nutty.
Cream of Hazelnuts - Made from premium Napolitano hazelnuts grown near Vesuvius. Intense aroma and delicate flavour.
Gianduia Cream - Intense and rich chocolate and hazelnut spread, with an incredible 45% hazelnut it sets itself apart from all others!
Almond Milk Paste - Made from 100% Sicilian Avola almonds, blend 25G or a tablespoon with 250ml of water for homemade almond milk. Sweet and delicate flavour. This is unique and high quality and makes for a refreshing drink! £8.40 per 220G Jar

CINQUE SANTI - Lemon or Orange Ricotta spread - Rich ricotta blended with lemon or orange to create a decadent spread. Perfect to use in cakes, on panettone, toast or crumpets. Price x 220G  £7.95

WILD HIBISCUS Hibiscus Flowers in syrup. Add to champagne and cocktails. Approx 11 flowers £11.95

CLEMENT FAUGIER Sweetened Chestnut Spread  78G Tube  £1.30

AMARELLI LIQUORICE – Grown naturally in Calabria, Italy. In beautiful tins. Medaglie Pure Liquorice  40G  £3.75
Arlecchino Anise Liquorice  40G  £3.75   Barone Pure Liquorice  20g Tin £2.75  Grand Cru - Finest selection pure liquorice.  40G £4.25
SIMPKINS Traditional boiled sweets. Mulled Wine Drops, Hangover Drops 200G £2.95
CHOCOLATE COVERED COFFEE BEANS  Dark Chocolate covered Espresso beans or Mixed dark, milk & white chocolate covered beans 125g £2.95
CHOCOLATE COFFEE BEANS - Dark chocolate, or new MILK chocolate, in the shape of a coffee bean, made with a hint of coffee. 200G £3.95

COCOA & DRINKING CHOCOLATE: VAN HOUTEN Premium Dutch Cocoa  500G Vintage Tin  £11.95  250G  Vintage Tin £7.50 
HASSLACHER’S 100%Colombian Cacao A block of 100% Cacao. To serve, break off a square or two and melt with milk 250 gr. £6.95 
Hot Chocolate Drops - The same pure 100% cacao but in drops, simply stir to melt. 250G Pouch £6.95
SIMON COLL -CHOCOLATE A LA TAZA  A block of lightly spiced chocolate. Simply break off, melt into milk & make a delicious cup of Spanish chocolate. Available in 3 flavours: Original 45% Dark, Vanilla, Cinnamon 60% Dark  200G - £3.50
THICK SPANISH HOT CHOCOLATE Simply add hot milk, stir, and you have a traditional Spanish hot chocolate. 350G Tin £4.99


Tea Packs
White & Green Tea Selection box £16.00  A selection of 12 of the finest Chinese & Japanese green and white teas.

Indian Tea Selection box £11.00 A selection of 12 fine black Indian teas including Estate Darjeelings, Ceylons and Assams.

Fruit Selection box £10.00 A selection of 12 fragrant teas, including Chinese flavoured black teas and pure fruit infusions.

Tea Ball Assortment A selection of 10 different artistic flowering tea balls £14.95

Fig Pack - 250g Velluto Nero, 250G Café Torino, 140G Chocolate Figs £17.50
Naughty & Nice Pack 250G Formula Rossa, 250G Café Torino, 1 Lingotto Di Fichi, 1 Rococo Christmas Pudding Bar, 1 Zotter Firewood Brandy Bar £26.95
Nutty Pack 250G Mocha Parfait, 250g Algerian Special, 1 D.Barbero Pistachio Nougat, 1 Masoni Fig & Walnut Panforte £26.95

All coffee packs are packed in our small shopper bags. Prices do not include postage.